Does your company already have international operations or is it preparing to do so ?

Are you facing ineligibility of bank financing for your transactions ?

Are you facing numerous regulations and trade barriers ?

Are you facing significant cost pressures due to customs duties and other import or export charges ?

The experienced consultants of FinaCust Advisory will help you to effectively finance your international trade, control and optimise your entire supply chain, inform your strategic decisions and secure your customs risks.

Trade Finance

We offer our customers innovative financial products and techniques to secure and finance their international trade transactions. We also offer alternative financing methods to traditional bank financing. Furthermore, we assist them in managing their cash flow, with a view to mitigating financial risks by selecting the tools and methods, such as credit insurance, guarantees and sureties, that are best suited to their business. Finally, we advise our customers on the best options for greater profitability by minimising the risk of non-payment.

Export control

Some products for use in the food, gas, oil and pharmaceutical industries are subject to export restrictions. Our consultants assist clients in setting up a classification and export control system and in developing export authorisation policies and procedures. FinaCust Advisory assists its clients in the export authorisation process for these products.

International trade advisory

We advise our clients on the implementation of strategies aimed at controlling costs and meeting regulatory obligations in international trade, making use of innovative technological tools. Our clients are assisted in the following areas: foreign trade regulations, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy law, protection against counterfeiting, etc.

Investment project assistance

We assist our customers with the process of setting up in free trade zones and benefiting from the investment code.

Assistance in obtaining AEO status

FinaCust Advisory assists its clients in obtaining AEO status. This certification allows economic operators to benefit from reduced customs controls, guarantee waivers or reductions and other advantages of international trade.

Audit of customs operations

The purpose of the audit of customs operations is to help our customers control and manage their customs risks, in particular through :

  • Verifying the basis of assessment (customs value, tariff heading, etc) ;
  • Checking import/export operations and declarations under ordinary customs procedures or economic customs procedures (temporary admission, warehousing, etc.) ;
  • Diagnosis of foreign trade procedures.

Support for customs litigation

FinaCust Advisory assists its clients in the settlement of contentious matters, in both the pre-litigation and litigation phases, through :

  • Assistance in developing negotiation strategies;
  • Assisting in the out-of-court settlement or transactional settlement of litigations on the most advantageous terms for its clients.

IT Solutions

We develop secure software for our customers, declarants and traders, to simplify the management of their customs processes and data related to customs and international trade :

  • management of import, export and transit customs operations ;
  • management of customs documents ;
  • clearance of records ;
  • electronic data archiving, etc.


The goal of our training courses is to develop the skills of our customers’ human resources in areas that are essential to their performance, such as :

  • customs clearance operators and process ;
  • customs valuation ;
  • rules of origin ;
  • exemptions and duty-free allowances ;
  • The harmonised customs system ;
  • customs control ;
  • customs procedures ;
  • customs disputes;
  • the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) ;
  • international trade regulations ;
  • international trade financing techniques.

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